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Play your favourite retro games!

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Handcrafted bespoke mods for you.

Since 2017, GBZ Mods have been building custom Raspberry Pi based handheld devices which emulate all your favourite retro games. We use the highest quality parts and ensure every one we build has the same quality custom details and care.

You might have heard of the GameBoy Zero, it was created by Wermy in 2017 who is founder of the forums.

We sell the parts in a kit to build one yourself for those who like tinkering and building things and we also build them for those who just want to play them and enjoy all their favourite games.

What is a Raspberry Pi?

The Game Boy Zero (GBZ) is one of the pinnacles of Game Boy modding. This system uses a Raspberry Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi 3 to run a variety of emulated games and has many more capabilities than your old brick DMG. Add another set of buttons and some hard work to make the ultimate Game Boy.

Check out our good friends over at SUDOMOD for anything and everything related to the Game Boy Zero. GBZ forums form sudomod and are a great place to get connected with fellow modders.


1UP Pi-Boy XL

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“To call it a mod is almost an understatement. It’s the handheld gaming equivalent of a hotrod.”

— Kotaku


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About Us

Hi there!  I’m Sam and welcome to GBZ Mods! I got into modding handhelds around 2017 as a hobby, after purchasing a Raspberry Pi and watching some YouTube videos during my summer breaks at University. After posting some of my mods on Instagram, I received messages from people asking me to help build them one too and that’s where we are today!

I’m from around London in the UK but don’t worry, if you see something you want I do ship and work with people internationally. Shipping rates are calculated on checkout.

You can find us on Instagram @gbzmods where I showcase some of my favourite mods and commissions that i’ve made for customers around the world.

Also I’d like to introduce you to Elliot Wright who helps manage the social media pages and takes all the awesome shots that you see on instagram and across the website! If you would like to see more of his work, check out his Instagram @Elliot.JGW